“I always felt I am with my family,not instructors”

I started my yoga classes in September 2015. I can see a huge difference in how I handle things and how I am more aware on my talks and deeds. I resort to Yoga to manage my work stress.There was a point in life where I was unsure of handling the excessive stress that affected me. I tried boxing, gym workouts and other kind of sports; but I was unable to control my frustration and anger.

That’s how I ended up enrolling for Yoga coaching at YogaNality. What I like about YogaNality is its approach. At YogaNality I always feel that I am with my family and not instructors.They don’t look at the watch and ring you in and ring you out but they take out their time to hear you and make sure you understand your inner problems better and help you to sort that thing by yourself. I just love the whole process. If anyone wants to try out Yoga, I strongly recommend to do it with YogaNality.

Marwa Pasha

Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur