Living life the organic way!

We are all one

All things in life are connected and unless we realise our unity, we will make little progress as a whole. What benefits one benefits all and what harms one also harms the rest of the being. The first principle of living the organic way is to understand this interconnectedness which lies at the core of all things.

Return to Nature

Today a lot of people realise that it is time to return to the way of life once followed by our ancestors. A way of life which is close to nature and in such an atmosphere all life flourishes. Many people have begun to work in this direction that will make our lives here on earth productive, sustainable and meaningful.
They have begun growing their own food, harvesting water, working with alternate energy sources such as solar and wind, keeping chickens for eggs and cows for milk. Many have already begun living in self-sufficient eco communities.

Grow your own food

Growing a vegetable patch is an amazing experience. All one needs is intention, mud, water and a bit of digging. And one needs patience like in anything else. It is always good to pick the right seeds and saplings to grow and make sure they are not genetically modified due to major health concerns speculated on GMO experimentation.

Say no to chemical fertilisers and pesticides

The last thing we need is toxic chemicals in our food.
The soil is rich with its own nutrients. It is wise to get the soil tested and make sure it has the right balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium and thus introduce some natural element to bring about the best soil condition. Ash, cow dung and compost work very well as manure.
The soil is also living. The earthworms are the best farmers and the microorganisms occurring there naturally make the soil rich and fertile already.
A number of naturally occurring substances like neem can be used to keep the pests away. Also it is effective to introduce Mantis and Ladybirds upon your growing trees and be sure they’ll eat the bad bugs for dinner.

Rid your home of toxins

It is best to choose healthier alternatives in beauty and cosmetic products also because the skin absorbs most of what we apply on it and passes it to the liver to be further broken down. It is wiser to choose good soaps and creams and down to our dishwashers and floor cleaners that smell good but are not necessarily healthy.

Reap what you sow

There are many benefits of choosing to live the organic way. It is very important to know just what goes into the food we eat. The more we leave out toxins out of our stomach and skin, the healthier we get.
More so there is feeling of family and belonging to this movement of those who believe that we are indeed connected!! To know it and to live it and brings much joy to anyone who has chosen to return to nature.
Just the pure joy of being in nature’s arms again in harmony and in love!! And of course you are blessed with the freshly grown organic vegetables,herbs, fruits, eggs, milk, water harvested and not wasted and the most entertaining of pets!