Pursuit of happiness

I have got a raise in my salary last week, I was so happy!! :-)
Then I have got a new boss who is so annoying :-(
I was so stressed for a while after i broke up with my boyfriend. :-(
But then my vacation to Swiss and lots of dark chocolate made me happy. :-)
Now look at me!!I’ve put on 5 kg extra and I am sure only a tummy tuck surgery will make me happy again.
Did you check out my new iPhone, isn’t it exciting?
You have no idea how stressed I am, you have to come with me for a nice coffee to my favourite beachside cafe or lets go for a movie. I guess that makes me happy!.

Are you familiar with such conversation!? if we sit back and quickly think about our life in the  last one month we can see how many times we have chased a phenomena called happiness or in fact all the activities that we have done for a while is just to become happy!.

What is the one thing called HAPPINESS that we all are searching for in our life, yet very few seem to find anything that approaches contentment in their lives. We watch television, have chocolate, play sports, buy gadgets and so on just for happiness, though it might come for a short time, but any lasting happiness seems to elude us.
We seek for power, status and material possessions by thinking ‘that is happiness’; in return we suffer from fear, hatred, insecurity, ulcers, heart attacks, mental disturbances, etc

So, the state happiness is a mysterious quality to achieve or are we making it complex? When we are asked about happiness we can point few occasions that made us happy or the moment we felt pure bliss. But the phenomena of happiness can’t be explained because its experiential.

But the way, path towards contentment in life and a positive, ebullient attitude towards life is simple, so simple in fact that we never try or even think of trying it. The answer is to raise our awareness, to dive deep into the infinite depths of the mind. It is here, that we will find a peace that will transcend all other types of peace that we have ever experienced. When we know our deeper mind, all pettiness and conflict will cease to be important.

All highly evolved souls have said the same thing using different words. All of them have said: “LOOK WITHIN AND KNOW YOURSELF”. We will still live in the world, interact with other people, but we will feel a continual state of contentment. We will be in contact with that which has meaning, and which is not concerned with the superficialities that most of us tangle ourselves with. So, the choice is yours: either you continue to devote all your attention to fumbling around in the outside world, the way that most people now lead their lives with its unhappiness OR you start to develop a new direction, inwards and follow the advice of wise men throughout the history of mincing who have made the same journey.

It is the way one’s mind works that is important, the way one’s mind interprets outside phenomenon as well as the information that is already stored in the mind. We may see people living in squalid conditions, yet they seem to be very happy, though not always. The answer lies in their mind, in the way their mind responds to outside events as well as to itself. So, we say to you: change your mind, increase your awareness of the deeper workings of your mind and Happiness will come of itself. The method to attain happiness and contentment is to MEDITATE. Meditation is the vehicle which takes us on the inner trip. We need not buy a ticket. The ticket is one’s mind. So start your meditation now…