Why do we need to slow down ?

How fast?! How fast do we run now?!

It is not easy to keep pace with the fast moving world. As a young, competitive, hard working entrepreneur I too try my best to catch up!

Very recently my little niece asked me a peculiar question.
That morning I woke to the disturbing alarm and the smart phone was saying ‘client meeting at 8am’ at my client’s new warehouse.

Since it is quite a distance from where I live and considering the traffic, I rushed to complete my morning routine. I brushed my teeth and shaved clean, put on my blue blazer with a matching tie. I opened my laptop and went through my presentation.

While I was doing this, my lovely wife made the breakfast and kept it on the table. I took just one bite, gulped half a glass of milk and quickly tried to move out of the house, hardly having the time even to say that I am leaving.

While I was about to open the door, my little niece, whom I am very close to, pulled my hand and asked; “Where are you going?”

“Going to work, my dear.” I replied.

“Why do you work!?” she asked

The little one was looking at me as if I am doing something quite wrong.

I bent down on my knees to reach her height and replied; “I work so that my company will flourish.”

Soon came her next question; “Why do you want your company to flourish?”

I wondered why she was asking me these questions.I was in quite a hurry.

I said, “If the company flourishes we will not have any problems with our needs.”

She wasn’t yet satisfied with my answers.

She asked, “What are our needs!?”

With a smile on my face I responded with the classic explanation for the basic needs of mankind. I said, “Food, shelter and clothing.”

At this she sighed.

“You are working to get food?! But you never have time to eat it!!” she said.

I turned back and had another bite from my plate and kissed her on her forehead.

During my drive these questions lingered in my mind.

And I thought much about it.

“Why do I work!? What am I gaining?! What am I losing in this race against time!?”

Whether we like it or not we are living in a world in fast-forward. A world obsessed with speed, of doing things faster and faster. Even things which are meant to be done slow!!

In the bargain, we lose out on life and moments which are so essential forour positive growth, health and happiness. Such a life leads to frustration, burn outs, substance abuse and major health concerns.

We blame modern technology, urbanization, work place atmosphere and others. But if we really go to think about it, the problem is much deeper.

This lifestyle is a result of us mistakenly thinking of time as a finite entity. We try our best to work and work all the time, afraid that time itself might run out!

We some how have internalized the idea that ‘time is money!’ And so we think that if we take the time to eat or rest or even relax for a while we will be wasting our money!!

Many studies have shown that when people slow down; they eat better, sleep better, make love better and ultimately live better.The International Slow Movement which started in Italy has spread across the world with many people refusing to take part in the rat race.

More and more people are choosing to live life at a slower pace today. And as we slow down we will be experiencing loads of happy moments and good health and yet still be flourishing and still be making the most of our talents!! I think it is quite worth the try!!