Why Yoga for daily life ?

New week is going to start. Again same old routine!?

The moment we get up from our bed by thinking of getting back to work, our mind start behaving funny, our body starts paining on our back and neck region. We don’t know why!?,even we knew why is it happening ,we don’t know how to get rid of these phenomena.
Some creative working man/women has even given these depressing phenomena as ‘Monday blue’. Only difference in Gulf countries ‘Monday blue’ happens in Sundays.
If you are not a working person, whether you are a ‘house wife’ or ‘stay at home dad’, you are not only dealing with your partner’s ‘Monday blue’ but also trying to fulfill the expectation of your children and society.
Even the childhood is not fun anymore, The amount of unhealthy competition in the academic and non-academic field making the children also live in stress.
There is high expectation on everyone
An employer expecting thing from employee, a husband from wife, a child from mother, parents from children. On top of all this there we are expecting to match up with our physical appearance and life style with some projected images created by global market.
In reality we have associated ourselves with an unrealistic images or the world. Thus our desire or ability to live up to other’s expectation often fail to accomplish.
This unfulfilled expectation or desires lead us to discontentment, tension, anxiety and eventually high blood pressure, ulcer, hernias, asthma, diabetes, etc.
Even the medical science today is agreed that most of the diseases today are psychosomatic, means something that starts in the mind and manifested in the body.
Our thoughts are countless; It says an average human being is having 5000-7000 thoughts per day out of which 98% are negative thoughts.
Restlessness in thought and senses affect the body and restlessness in desire effects emotions.

Main purpose of yoga is to control the mind. As sage Patanjali mentioned in his Yoga Sutra “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodah”, managing the mind.
It’s a conscious process of gaining mastery over the mind.
Yoga is a technology, which starts with our body, when we become more aware of our body and gaining control over our body and breath, which reflects on our mental level.
In action yoga is a special skill, which makes the mind reach its subtler level. When we reach a point where we are aware about the behavior of our mind then its easier for us to identify the pattern of our thought and the behavior of our mind.
Yoga provide deep relaxation at muscular level, slowing down the breath and maintaining balance at Pranic level, increasing creativity and will power at mental level, sharpening the intellect and calming down the mind at intellectual level, enhancing the happiness in life at emotional level. On top of all yoga helps us to manifest the innate divinity in man in all aspects of life.

Practicing yoga in our daily life will not change our action and appearance in life but our perspective about life the way we respond to any real life situation will be altered. There will be more awareness and harmony in our life. Thus life will be healthier and happier.

Yoga is the need of the hour and its not an hour practice a day but yoga should be our life style to achieve balanced, productive, more creative and happy life..